Have you always wanted your own Kegerator? An Edgestar Kegerator rental is included in your order!

• 55 x 12oz pours per Vida Kombucha Keg

• Once monthly or every other month delivery plans

• Enjoy Triple Berry Blend, Ginger or Yerba Mate

• Hook up your family, friends or roommates!

How often do you want your Keg switched out?

$120/Once a Month

with 3 month minimum

$150/Every 2 Months

with 6 month minimum

All Plans Include:

• VK Keg & Kegerator Rental
• Triple Berry Blend, Ginger and Yerba Mate Monthly Brew Rotations

How it works:

Someone from our Vida Family will contact you within 24 hours of your order to schedule your Kegerator Delivery and Installation as well as set up your Flavor Schedule. For more immediate help, please contact Aimee@VidaKombucha.com. Thanks for Keeping it Cool!

Keep it Cool !