It started back in 2012. As a commercial diver our founder Pedro Reis would spend six hours a day in the water, then back home to study for his full time load at university. He discovered Kombucha and found it to be a natural way to boost his energy while complimenting his active and healthy lifestyle. His passion lead him to begin brewing and after sharing with his friends and neighbors, he quickly realized he had made something special. 


Here at Vida Kombucha we are true to our core values. Our Mission is promoting sustainability, culture, community, sports and a healthy lifestyle through our delicious Kombucha. 

Through our local events, environmental research initiatives, zero waste facility, sustainable product packaging and messaging to the public; we are truly a Socially Responsible company.

We work hard crafting our brew to the highest quality and in making a difference in the local communities and the earth we all share.


Keep it Cool !